Container width


I see that to specify a new container width we need to set the default theme style, it’s OK but on a fresh install of bricks there is no default style in the select so to change the container width we need to create a new style ? I am correct ?


Hey @Laurent

You dont have too, you can do it manually in the element itself.

I believe there is a default width container setting as standard unfortuntately I dont know the width of the top of my head without looking. If the width is suitable for you then you do not need to change the default width by creating a themestyle.

And if you need some containers shorter or longer when building a page you can do it in the element itself.

However I would 100% advise to use themesyles. Themestyles are great for any repetitive styling for elements that you use a lot of example containers, headings, typography, buttons etc. the two benefits to using themestyles are - its quicker as it is one click and your UI will be more uniformed too.

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