Conference Website built with Bricks

Hello! I would like to share my latest website built with Bricks. The stack I used:
Advanced Themer
Bricksforge (GSAP)
WS Form

The new version of ACSS allows you to work much faster and have great control of the design. I start my work in Figma, but like to reconsider things during development. That’s where ACSS shines.

Advanced Themer
Their Builder Tweaks are serious time savers.

The GSAP integration is really well done. It does have a learning curve though. I am also using the Pro Forms for allowing the clients to edit the ACF content on the front end.

WS Form
It allows to create quite complex custom calculations with the form fields.

Here is a screenshot of a messy explorative Figma file:

Couldn’t find a way how to create the subtle lines on the top right. If anyone knows how to approach that, let me know :slight_smile: