Conditional visibility (show/hide)

A work-around to display content (show/hide) within Bricks based on conditions.

For example:

  • If ACF field = Yes, then show contact form.
  • If ACF field = No, then hide contact form.

Yep. This would be awesome for Metabox as well.

This functionality would be great to be in the core. For Elementor I used an external plugin for this functionality and that should be in the core.


yes it would be great to get that in bricks core :+1:


Even if it was conditional, ie if = < > that would make it amazingly powerful. I know that is what would be the final thing to use bricks for all the projects I have on the go!

Conditional display logic.

This is a feature that should go ahead of all. Very useful for delivering the website to the customer with custom fields.

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it starts with simple things like if(has_post_thumbnail) → show header section with featured image in the background… if not, don´t show it. I don´t know how to solve this, except for using a custom code block.