Compatibility with The SEO Framework's auto generation

We are a big fan of the auto generated meta descriptions of The SEO Framework. These work fine when using normal post or Metabox content.

But we also have a specific content type we always built with the Bricks editor. Unfortunately the auto generation doesn’t work with Bricks pages. I’ve reached out to the developer and he said this probably has something to do with the way HTML content is getting stored.

Since he doesn’t have a Bricks license he said:
If the authors of Bricks would reach out to me and hand me a copy, I could craft a filter to make this work.

Is this something we can make possible? Or could I just hand him a copy of my own?

TSF is for me really just the best, simple lightweight plugin available and I don’t want to switch.


I’m not a lawyer, but your Bricks license allows for a local or development copy. See

Hi @sp-admin,

Thank you for your report,

The developer is welcome to get in touch with us at so we can provide him with a dev license :slight_smile:


I will inform the dev about it! And then we’ll see. Thanks!

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