Comparison of Bricks-compatible frameworks and plugins

Continuing the discussion from WIP: Custom CSS variable with xxxx not accepted:

I realize I’ve helped to make the CSS variable bug topic both about a specific bug and about Bricks plugins. Perhaps we should continue this plugin/frameworks discussion in its own topic

How does Oxyprops compare to Bricksforge, ACSS and Coreframeworks?
I have been researching and I find the right-clicking for the contextual menu in Oxyprops to be very compelling.
Advanced Themer seems nice too.
I am sure there are others that I have missed.

Check, it lists some plugins and frameworks related to bricks.


I looked through the ACSS site, but nothing immediately jumps out to me, as a new user of Bricksforge. I was curious from about your first-hand perspective on how you see ACSS as offering more than Brickforge. There seems to be quite a lot that Bricksforge offers that ACSS doesn’t, although I’m new to it, and haven’t used ACSS.

I have never used Bricksforge, so I can’t speak to its merits or drawbacks.

ACSS is basically a CSS stylesheet with helpful presets and a nice UI that makes it easy to change things. One can achieve the same with custom CSS, and probably with other tools such as well.