Color Palette: Copy to clipboard the code / UI improvements

Bricks Version: 1.5. RC
Browser: Chrome newest
OS: Windows 11

When copying a color to clipboard the Bricks custom property is copied insted of the color code.
Hmm, it’s a very interesting option too, so just provide that too, …but please also add copy to clipboard the originaly saved color code (which is shown in the grid view).

Btw it would be also nice to see the code in the list view, not only in grid view (in the list view it’s not even showing up by hover).

And in the grid view it would be great to be able to change color name with right click. It’s a pain to change view just for this. Maybe you can provide the copy clipboard also with right click in the grid view (then the list view is maybe not needed anymore).

Also it takes to much time to change the color palette. It’s to fare away down. I think it should be moved up right after the colors. And the dropdown should open on hover, this saves a click again.

What I also miss is a classic color picker square. It’s often more natural to find the right color, instead of moving things on 4 different levels. Although it’s great to have this option too it would be nice to have the other option too (maybe instead of the color list if all functionality is integrated in the grid view)

Hopefully this finds the way in future update. Then I think the color palette is near to perfection.