CMS collection page with cft

I’m a webflow user and I’m new to wordpress.
What was simple on webflow is very complex on wordpress. :crazy_face:
In webflow when you create a “CMS collections”, a “CMS Collection pages” is automatically created, and you can fully customize it.

This is what I tried to reproduce in wordpress, but nothing happens as I wish.

1) I created a “Slides” cptui
2) I created cft

3) I created a single page “Slides - Collection page” in the Bricks template

4) In my page, I added dynamic elements (image, heading) and I pointed to CFT and the appropriate field

5) I save, I preview and nothing is displayed

What did I do wrong, that can help me see more clearly. Please, do not send me to bricks tutorials (only one short video about it, not really useful ), wptuts, etc.
I watched everything, but nothing helped me

Thank you

If you want to use a custom post type for this, you will need to add a query loop to loop through each of the slides. Essentially, click on your container, click the Use Query Loop toggle, and change the type to Slides.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 1.02.44 PM

If you’re looking for slider functionality, drop in the Nestable Slider and set the query loop on the slide itself.

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@zestjosh Thank you. So if I understand. I need to use query loop because I made a custom type. So if my data field was in relation with a page then it would be another method ?

That is correct – since you created a custom post type for slides, you need to query that data. Alternatively, you could have created a repeater field with ACF Pro for this page that could be selected in the Type dropdown (but it is still part of the Query Loop functionality). The benefit to using a CPT or ACF repeater is that these updates can be made in the backend (and therefore easier for clients to do) but it does limit your ability to customize slides individually.

If you are looking to customize each slide, building them individually in the Nestible Slider might be a good option, especially if you are not handing the website off to a client (non-coder).

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@zestjosh thank you for your answers and all the details, I’ll find out a little more about the repeaters and see if I can’t find a tutorial video. :+1:t3: :blush:

If you just want to simply display the list of slides you can use the Posts element.
Drop it on a page and use its Query setting to select the Custom Post type.
You can add your acf fields to it using the Fields setting.

Works for simple stuff.