Chilliflex - first big project build in bricks

Hi guys,

I have fun building in bricks, learn a lot. The project will be developed further, it may have some small bugs.

I’m looking forward on new futures and updates in bricks. I hope my future requestes will be implemented :slight_smile:


Awesome work @tdutkowski . Great design!

I wonder if you designed it yourself, too?

The only concern I have is that on mobile, the contact button (for each location) cuts off (only slightly, though) from the view. That’s all there is to criticize :joy: Other than that, it looks and works perfect. :innocent:

Thanks for support, can you give me some screenshots of the problem?

About the design, yes i made it myself before coding. Here is the prototype Loading Share Experience

Even better then! :star_struck: May I ask where you get inspiration from?

Here’s a screenshot. The div/block/section limits how the buttons are seen. For the topmost button, the shadow cuts off and for the bottom, the bottom line cuts off.

These are minimal issues and I bet won’t cause any loss to you, but since the site is otherwise top notch and clean, my eye is caught in these too easily :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I divide my process of creating the site into stages:

  1. Analysis of the client’s offerings, what they actually do/sell.
  2. building the structure of the site based on seo analysis.
  3. after stage 1 and 2, we know what sub-pages we need to create and what information to provide.
  4. I already have a rough idea of what information we definitely need to show I add elements that will make the site more interesting.
  5. I analyze how the competitors’ pages look like, how they show certain data.
  6. I analyze trends on various sites where people show their projects.

The whole process of building just this site took about 2 months (without pressure from the client)


Great website, congrats! :slight_smile:

Excellent design. A suggestion for the Locations section is to increase gap size a bit between the items – they look a bit crowded. And I would make the text in the Location section a tad smaller. Finally, I would shorten “Get to know the location” to “About this location” or “About this project.”