Changes on Query Result Filter?

Before V1.9.7 I was able to use the filter bricks/query/result with the results of WP Grid Builder. That means, I used WP Grid Builder to filter a query loop. I fed the WP GridBuilder filter into the bricks/query/result filter via PHP. But this stopped working after the update to the latest version. It was still working with V1.9.6.1.

What happend and how can I fix that?

Do you have more details @andredaus ? is the hook not triggered at all or just with the wrong results. Also are you using a custom query or a native bricks one?

The query is straightforward and unadorned, a basic Bricks query. Upon activation of the hook, it furnishes the complete query outcome, unaffected by WP Grid Builder filters. Previously, the hook would provide the filtered result, but following the update, it no longer does so. I require the outcome to undergo filtration.

Could you maybe provide the query settings? An empty post__in e.g. would result in returning all posts instead of the filtered ones.

There’s nothing like that. I query a CPT with post_per_page = -1 and a meta query to check if a custom field is 0 or does not exist. That’s it, and everything works on the frontend. Just the filter hook delivers all entries.