CF/ACF/CPT & standard fields Fill and validate form fields with Brick's form

Unfortunately, I have not yet found a paper or a video on how to use the Bricks form element to fill and check the Custom Fields data, Advanced Custom Fields data or these two or others, especially in connection with Custom Post Type .

I’m also interested in standard fields like title, slug, content, featured image and so on.

Please does someone have an idea or a few links for me or does this not work yet?

Hi Matze,

the form element allows ‘custom actions’.

You can do whatever you like within the custom action, but it requires sufficient PHP knowledge. Unfortunately, we can’t provide support for custom code as well.

As a starting point, you can check out the wp_insert_post() function, which inserts or updates a post to the database.

Maybe there is something somewhere in the WordPress plugin universe that already provides what you are looking for, without the need for custom code.

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Maybe look at Frontend Admin. A plugin that lets you add forms on the frontend and create posts including CPTs. Doesn’t even need ACF installed to use ACF fields, just CPT UI.

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Hi @alanj

Is it possible with Frontend Admin to only hide the fields with CSS or are these hidden fields not built directly into the HTML?

Hi, sorry I don’t understand.
The forms do have conditional logic so you can hide fields based on others etc. No idea how it does this. I guess you could also create multiple forms, each with just the fields you want, then conditionally display the form - its just a shortcode.

I just use it to create new CPT posts for users. So restricted to logged in users only.
It has a free version so you can check it out.


Ok, I’ll look for the free version and test it myself.

However, if the forms are not newly built by the plugin, but only the fields are hidden via CSS for the user with Display none, the risk of misuse and hackers is too great for me.


I tested the free frontend admin.

As I suspected, these forms are not regenerated by the frontend admin, but only hides various elements via CSS as follows.

Here I tested to hide the “All” and “Published” links as well as the post search for the posts and found that the entire admin toolbar and admin navigation is still there and only hidden.

This can be used for site owners who just don’t want to be allowed into the admin area and otherwise have little idea of the subject.

Frontend Admin should not be used for all other users who register on the site and can then access it independently.

.vgca-only-admin-content #wpbody-content > div.wrap > ul.subsubsub, .vgca-only-admin-content #search-submit, .vgca-only-admin-content #search-submit, .vgca-only-admin-content #post-search-input, .vgca-only-admin-content #wpadminbar, .vgca-only-admin-content #adminmenumain, .vgca-only-admin-content #update-nag, .vgca-only-admin-content body > record, .vgca-only-admin-content .woocommerce-embed-page .woocommerce-layout__header, .vgca-only-admin-content .update-nag, .vgca-only-admin-content #screen-meta-links, .vgca-only-admin-content #wpfooter {
display: none !important;

Ok well it was just a suggestion.

I confess I don’t understand your use case, nor what you describe. How do you hide “All” or “Published” links? I don’t see those sort of options anywhere.

For my use I am collecting a few fields that are then used to create a new post. Works a treat.



I don’t want to provide a website for a user who is then only responsible for his or her own project, but where everyone can register themselves and then use the forms provided to publish, make changes to their own contributions, and be allowed to delete their own contributions.

The elements I removed for test purposes are those marked in red in the picture.

Well similar to my requirements then.
I am creating a dashboard page that users are directed to. This has a simple card ( or link ) to allow the user to create a new post ( a For Sale CPT ). They can also edit an existing one if they have any. The CPT content is gathered through a FrontEnd Admin form.
All this is done on the front end. So I don’t understand your referring to backend views in the WP dashboard. Thats not what the plugin does.
Perhaps we aren’t talking about the same plugin?

I had tested the following free plugin.

Lol yep different plugin.
I use

Definitely not what you want if you are using the backend.

Thank you, I saw this too, but I didn’t consider it a relevant plugin because it only has 400 installations and the link from the developer is currently going to a construction site.

I’ll test it tomorrow evening.


According to the following description, it is exactly what I was looking for. I just hope it works that way and is stable.


do you know a difference between the two plugins?

The content is almost to completely identical and the developer is also the same.

Yes the top one does not require ACF, but does support ACF fields. Shabti also wote the ACF Frontend for Elementor, which is perhaps better known.
Basically he seems to be moving his plugins away from being tied to other products where possible.
From the plugin site …


Want this plugin without needing ACF to be installed and activated? Try our other plugin, Frontend Admin.

We are currently adding all our features from ACF Frontend, to be the same on Frontend Admin


Perhaps he has seen the writing on the wall?