[Carousel Element] Overaly and Element Selecting

Bricks Version: 1.4 RC2
Browser: Chrome Latest
OS: Windows 11

Hi Guys,

Some minor bugs relating the the Carousel element.

  1. Applying an overlay in the settings - Carousel>content>overlay to apply it to the images does not work or change in either the builder or frontend.

  2. You are unable to select the Carousel element either via clicking on the Element in the canvas or even by clicking the element pencil in the canvas. The only way to highlight it and open controls is via the structure panel.


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Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for your report!

  1. Yeah, we’re currently struggling with the overlays (in multiple scenarios).
  2. Works for me on macOS and Win11: https://vimeo.com/709622659/a483fd4f33

You can’t drag the carousel (or slider) around (except using the pencil icon), as they support drag to slide.

Best regards,

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I can confirm a general z-index bug on the carousel, which prevents showing the “Fields” enabled for “Overlay” to not appear when hovering over a Carousel item. I can fix it in 1.4.

Curious about your overall settings for this Carousel element instance, as showing the Post featured image on hover isn’t really a setting I’d utilise.

Editing the Carousel by clicking on its “Pencil” icon on the canvas works for me.

Hi @thomas

Here is a quick video of what I mean. In the video it did start to work, however following the video when you save the page / refresh it, the issue occurs again.