Can't choose MailChimp Audience/List

I am building a pop-up for sign-up to our email list. I was able to create an API in MailChimp and save it into Bricks in the appropriate area.

In my Form element I can get as far as setting “mailchimp” as the action, and then in the MailChimp settings area I can map all my fields etc. Lists and Groups are greyed out:

Our MailChimp account has several audiences, and I need these signups to go to a specific audience.

What am I missing?

Thank You

Just going to bump this. I haven’t been able to find any info on this anywhere.

Hey you need to turn it on in your audience/group settings for it to show.

Thanks for the reply. I have verified that Enable double opt-in is checked for the audience in MC. But my real issue seems to be that outside of the API key, there is nothing in bricks that I can find to point things to the specific audience in my account. (That greyed out “list” field above.)

I see the MC provides an Audience ID and states: Some plugins and integrations may request your Audience ID.

Is this something that needs to go into my Bricks site?

If you have put in the api in bricks settings, try re-saving the bricks settings.

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Lol. Holy cow. 20+ years in IT and web and it still comes down to “did you try rebooting.”

Resaving the API did the trick.

Thank you so much @intovortex

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:laughing: haha yep best solutions for most things. No problem, glad it worked out.

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