Cannot logout after setting a new register page in Bricks Builder

I am having a glitch that I cannot figure out. After adding a custom registration page in Bricks, when I sign out of the admin panel, it does not log out. When I reset my registration page back to default in Bricks settings, it logs out. Any ideas?

Ensure that your custom registration page in Bricks is correctly configured. Check for any conflicting plugins or custom code. If the issue persists, contact Bricks support for further assistance.

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Ah! Thank you for bringing that up! It was made from a prebuilt template and the creator had multiple types of code already injected into the template. I will look at that and each plugin today.

Thank you, Dave

Fixed! It turned out to be a plugin that I use called Admin Site Enhancements, The specific setting is Log In/Log Out - Change Log in URL.