Can I make a listing portal just with bricks?

newbie here.
I would like to create a food and travel listing portal. I was wondering if I could do this just with bricks or do I need directorist or any other kind of website. Has anyone done it?

What do you think @Michael and @omega and @razla @razvanenescu ?

is there an integration with Citadela Listing for Bricks?

Best way really is to use something like metabox or jetengine and create a custom post type with additional meta fields. That way you can make a proper listing system.


Hi, do you have any idea how to charge per listing if I make this kinda system with bricks and acf/metabox? I get the entire listing system part, but I would need a way to restrict certain roles from adding listings before paying. And possibly a way to “self destruct” the listings after a certain number of days

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Did you do anything about this? I really want to create a listing portal but dont know the best way forward, and I was thinking that maybe you can share some knowledge. For example, can you create a map with all the listings located?

About maps, check out this:

Thank you so much for this! Can you also help with having a button display the first letters of the contact phone numbers,then,if clicked, to see the complete number? ,to update from the specific post where the visitor is?

Not sure if you figured this out but I am using MetaBox and Bricks only basically. Works well together.