Caching and bricks

Hi guys,

I having a lot of issues in stability. I host with Flywheel and have cloudflare. I have overlooked turning caching off. I assume I should turn it off while using Bricks?

Not sure. Cache should always be enabled.

I use Flying Press and seems ok.

What issues did you encounter?

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Thanks for responding, but I do believe caching should always be enabled when building a site. Please explain otherwise.

I am getting long save times and the structure panel is not functioning as expected

I dont cache the site when building a site. I only optimise caching on completion.

The reason I do not cache sites when building, is it can sometimes lead to caching stale content and you are scratching your head thinking why does it look like that when i have just changed it.

Same with Cloudflare too. I Just use it for DNS and not proxied when building. I try to remove any variables that can affect the clean site until the build has been completed.

I wouldn’t normally either, but this was an urgent re-them for a busted ass site… and I forgot all about cloudlfare :laughing:

Ah my bad, I thought you said you usually build with it haha.

Haha i know your pain, i have done that a couple of times too! I spend the first half an hour blaming everything and anything, the builder, the internet, the web hosting haha then realise like 99.9% of the time that it was a user error doh :rofl: