Bricks without Wordpress

I am new user of Bricks and really impressed with its feature set and UX.

I come from a world of React, NextJs and headless CMS. I like the freedom of headless CMS, which doesn’t dictate what frontend technology should I use and allows me to host the backend and frontend differently, which they sometimes deserve.

So I thought, it would be great to have the builder completely standalone, without Wordpress. This idea is coming frequently to my mind since the builder itself looks very much separated from Wordpress itself.

I imagine Bricks would call an API that would be used in the Query Look Builder. I did not think yet much about the frontend part.

Is there any plan or discussion about adapting Bricks Builder for a headless CMS? Or put differently, to decouple from Wordpress?

I know this is a big topic, tough it would open a door to the big non-Wordpress world.

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half of the features work with WordPress Core.
Template hierarchy and stuff rewriting those would be a pain.
I cant even imagine how much work it can be crazy.

without core features bricks builder becomes almost useless :slight_smile:

if you didn’t yet you should check out :wink:

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I understand that if this wasn’t the plan from the beginning, it’d be extremenly difficult to decouple it from the WP Core.

Allright, thanks for info and the link, I’ll check it out.

recently tried this it works nice.
this is basically a headless wp

you can host your wp wherever you want even localhost :slight_smile:
and then generate static files and push on github pages, cloudflare pages, vercel pages…etc :slight_smile:

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