Bricks Website - Prominent CTA in Nav Bar 'Try Bricks'

I have been an Elementor Pro user since 2017, and I would have never considered buying Bricks if there wasn’t a Bricks Playground where I could experiment and build a dummy site with Bricks to get a feel for the Bricks builder.
Not many builders provide such an option, and hence not many people suspect that there might be such an option available.
What other builders and plugins provide is a 30-60 day money-back guarantee, to even play with the builder/plugin, and this is where Bricks Playground shines.

After trying my hand at the Bricks builder in the playground, I am convinced that Bricks is far superior to Elementor, and many other builders in the WordPress ecosystem.

However, for the longest time, I didn’t know that Bricks had a free playground, and I suspect that there would be many like me who would be curious about Bricks but don’t know about the playground.

On the Bricks website, in the Nav bar, there are two CTA, ‘Account’ and ‘Get Bricks’.
Add a third CTA ‘Try Bricks’.
Food for thought.

I also used to think that Bricks didn’t have a trial version until I read an update notification and happened to discover a trial version. :laughing: