Bricks PageSpeed Issues [Mobile]

Hey Guys,

Here’s my site’s PageSpeed results for Desktop:

FANTASTIC! :blush:

But then Mobile…

“Eliminate render-blocking resources is now over 2s for the mobile score”.

The URL in question is “/wp-content/litespeed/css/5e996c32f7bb4181c1aa7a1c2079867e.css?ver=70884”

  • Bricks Version: 1.7.3
  • LightSpeed caching plugin installed
  • Using Redis Object Caching
  • LightSpeed server
  • Bricks CSS loading method = “External files”

I reached out to my hosts who replied…

Hello Kade,

I’ve tested the site on this side and it looks like it’s a theme css file causing the issue, rather than Litespeed Cache itself.

You may need to contact the developer of the theme for further assistance on this occasion.

Any advice would be amazing :v:

disable Rocket Loader and other compression and look at the result.

Maybe this is a problem due to my geographical location, but look at the waiting time for static resources. It’s very big.


And if you store a compressed file as a static file, then this may also be the reason. Sometimes a dynamic resource is given faster.

Hey! Thanks for the advice…

  • Deactivation “Brotli compression” took performance down the 28 (mobile), where desktop was unchanged.
  • Deactivating Rocket Loads took the score down to 27 (mobile)
  • Development mode produces a similar result

Yeah, I had deactivated Cloudflare CDN so I think geo would have made a difference there.

Yeah, the “wp-content/litespeed/css/f363ff20402ea819363b28cb4dc58fc2.css” seems to be the issue there…

I deactivated Litespeed too without any success

You have a lot of scripts.
Many different scripts, styles etc, reduce performance for mobile.

In this case though, one .CSS file from bricks is causing the issues on desktop.

Thanks for the assistance though. Appreciate it.

Just looked at your site. Awesome layout! Nice colors and use of contrast. But at this moment you got some serious problems. Looks slower than yesterday on both mobile and desktop.
Your hosting company does not have a clue. Find a new one. No problems with Bricks as I will prove to you! Your site should load in under second, mobile or desktop even with all that external code.

First of all TURN OFF ROCKLOADER in Cloudflare. It does more harm than good with Bricks.
Update - I took a another look at your site after writing this. Your first and largest problem is Rocket Loader, as its blocking your google maps and google tag manager and some other javascript from loading, causing huge delays.

Second, why are you using Redis object caching, if you have LiteSpeed? It should be handling full page caching for you and Redis has it benefits but with the correct LiteSpeed config and hardware, its not needed. Plus Redis is kind of becoming legacy now, and the plugins are very buggy at best. It does help on older Apache and hard drive based systems. But if your running ssd or nvme and LiteSpeed, you shouldn’t need it.
Third. from the waterfall it looks like your LiteSpeed is not setup correctly. Self hosted or who is your hosting company?

Forth, Litespeed does server side code optimization nightly, and if you dont configure the litespeed flag file correctly that can also cause problems - guess your hosting company doesn’t understand that and how it can compress javascript and css and other code depending on the plugin settings. You have to manually create a file to stop the daily optimization, because sometimes it causes problems with certain code.
Fifth, use an asset management plugin to reduce your javascript and css, etc. Also there are several ways to load, or pre-load scripts like google maps and Google tag manager. Pre-load or preconnect your third party code.
Your javascript code takes 5 seconds to load on mobile, that’s insane.
CAOS Pro is great for managing your Google code and Perfmatters also has a new option for optimizing the loading of Google tracking code etc.

Let me know if you need help with any of that, happy to help, but there might be a better way…

Just an idea… take a look at these guys, they seem to know how to optimize Bricks, haven’t tried them yet but know another developer that swears by them. The score better than any hosting company out there in just about every benchmark. And the specialize in Bricks hosting, go figure!

they have some insanely fast load times, and so few request, I think I will move to them when my Cloudways deal expires. Pricing looks good.
If you need any optimization help let me know, but that fast hosting company might be the ticket especially if the specialize in and offer free optimization for Bricks.

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Now you seem to have an additional problem slowing you down, your GDPR compliance plugin is really awful. This screen shot will show you. I would advise changing, there are some very excellent and fast plugins out there, and self hosted compliance plugins would be the better option for speed.

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And your LiteSpeed problems seem to be getting worse. Get new hosting somewhere. Glad to help you identify the problems and fix them , would be nice to see a nice site like your load fast.
5 seconds for this litespeed cache file to load? really? and its NOT cached … as you can see from the console screen shots, all your lscache files are being generated on the fly, i dont see one that shows it was delivered from cache, ever…

Good luck!

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