Bricks Interactions - Examples

I didn’t realise that the Interactions feature in Bricks is very powerful, as the Bricks YouTube channel does not showcase the full power and functionality of any of its features.
Newcomers to Bricks are left clueless about the possibilities with Bricks.

Elementor on the other hand has handy tutorials on its YouTube channel to showcase the strengths of its inbuilt features and the possibilities around them.
Elementor also has ShowOff competitions, and the monthly winners share some tips and tricks.
Thus, Elementor users at least know what is possible using Elementor, get inspired, then dig deeper and find solutions that might pertain to their needs.

In that spirit, I opened this thread to post some cool examples of Bricks Interactions that I discovered while browsing various YouTube channels.

Bricks developers should consider creating and posting content on their YouTube channel that might illustrate the full powers behind their amazing software. Food for thought.