Bricks, Gutenberg and ACSS

This is being discussed over in the ACSS community. I presume amny of you have ACSS and use it so those of you should have access to this thread.

I would like to have the Bricks team’s take on this please.

Bricks, Gutenberg and ACSS

we cant read without login.

paste the conversation here so we can read.

I agree with the above comment, please paste the conversation, as you have opened discussion here by creating this entry.

I’m not sure how much of a 26 comment thread I can post here. Since it’s also a private community this was posted in, I need to use discretion. I was hoping some of the Bricks team uses ACSS and thus would have access.

More publicly Kevin posted this on “X”. I know this is not at first about Bricks specifically but please also read the comment at the end.

It started with Kevin Geary’s post on “X”

Kevin Geary


Gutenberg is absolute madness. Get this… We need to apply a bunch of rules for how Automatic.css works in the block editor… I get everything working on my install and a few other installs (doing things I shouldn’t have to do, but that’s neither here nor there). All good! Next, I spin up a site with


to start prepping for a new tutorial. This tutorial involves WS Form from the great


, so I install it. Suddenly, all the code previously working in Gutenberg is broken. Why? Because WS Form offers a WS Form Gutenberg block as an option for users to put a form in the block editor. I’m not using this block, but it exists. And, since it exists, the block editor no longer loads in an iframe. No WS Form = Gutenberg loads in iframe. WS Form = Gutenberg doesn’t load in iframe. Whether 👏 you’re 👏 using 👏 the 👏 block 👏 or 👏 not. The existence of a random third party plugin completely changes how the block editor renders and has extreme consequences (re: breakage) for any CSS designed to affect the block editor. This is literal insanity. And it fully explains why people keep reporting completely different behavior from what we designed ACSS to do in the block editor. And now what? I have to write duplicate CSS and find a way to use that CSS to check for the existence of the iframe? Are we really okay with this?

And this comment was made involving Bricks:

Kevin Geary

And then Kevin made this comment which mentions Bricks specifically.:


Automatic.css Creator

Brendan O’Connell Yes, blocks add/remove controls based on what functionalities the theme author decided to include. And Bricks includes none of them, so core blocks are essentially useless when Bricks is installed.

And what exactly should the Bricks team now do? I don’t understand your requirement.

I think at this point there should be a review of the issue Kevin Geary who brought up the issue on “X”, in the Automatic CSS community, who can explain this far better than I can.

Well that’s as clear as mud.
I have no idea what the issue, if any, might be. As it seems to concern ACSS I aslo don’t particularly care.

Really not sure what you are expecting here.

I think if Kevin has an issue he wants to discuss with the Bricks team, there are many avenues for that to occur. If he has not done so, my guess is he is exploring the issue via social media and it is not an issue to be explored with Bricks.

Did you read this?

“Brendan O’Connell Yes, blocks add/remove controls based on what functionalities the theme author decided to include. And Bricks includes none of them, so core blocks are essentially useless when Bricks is installed.”

You can create a theme.json in bricks child theme if this is what you are looking for…

With theme json you can control core Gutenberg blocks

For what it’s worth, I think it would be nice for Bricks to include block functionalities, for places like blog post pages, for example, where the block editor is faster to use and just “good enough”.

I don’t know if this is really on topic for this issue, as I don’t fully understand the problem, but what about the GutenBricks plugin? Have you considered contacting them to see if they have a working solution?

I think i can help everyone out here…

Kevin Geary holds free and live sessions every Tuesday at 11am US EST, and you don’t need to be part of the ACSS community or the Inner Circle. You can ask questions, comment, etc. Yesterday he had the second series of Q&A and we could ask him anything… this topic came up very early in the session, and he touches on this and demonstrates w/ a screen share…

These are super-valuable sessions (and he goes for 2 hours, which is awesome)…

Here is that particular vid…

In my case it not with ACSS, only Bricks but I tried to create a theme.json in bricks child theme and it doesn’t work at all. Hence I can’t control the layout width of the block editor, nor the font family which isn’t inherited from Bricks styles and uploaded bricks font .
There is a lot needed for Bricks to support more of the Gutenberg editor. I need to use Bricks for templating and specific pages but my clients need to use only core blocks in Gutenberg.
At start I see Bricks as a theme a good thing to haven’t to find a way to fight with themes styles but it’s worse as Gutenberg editor didn’t inherit anything from Bricks style and we can’t use theme.json to provide a good experience in Gutenberg.