Bricks frustrates me more and more

In the course of working with Bricks I keep running into problems and to be honest it’s a pretty frustrating experience because I never know if I’m just doing something wrong or if it’s a bug.

Typical situations:

  • not being able to create another remote template field. When I click on the add-button, nothing happens! See video:

  • sometimes I can no longer click on the “Style” tab to open the style options

  • sometimes Bricks runs extremely slowly and it takes forever until I can make an entry after I have clicked in the Class field to create a new class.

These are just little examples, where Bricks doesn’t behave as it should.
I wonder if others have the same experience?

You aren’t including many details. Are you using plugins? Are you applying any extra code like js in the bakend, that could be affecting the builder? Are you allocating enough memory to WP?

Yes, I’m using a dozen of Plugins (ACF, Rank Math, AT, ACSS, Frames etc.) but I claim that these Plugins don’t lead to similar problems at their end.

Memory limit is set to 512MB. Is that enough?

Do you have access to your php.ini?

wp_memory_limit (wp-config.php)
memory_limit is in your PHP.ini file

Although you haven’t mentioned any errors…
If you do have access to your php.ini… what is your max_execution_time set at?

I’ve set the max_execution_time to 300 - let’s see, if this helps!
The inability to add another remote Template field seems to be a known bug when LastPass is installed!

Thanks for your help!

It’s not an issue I often run into but I have run into slowness within the builder but it’s because I’m working with a rather complex template. I’ve gotten around this issue by breaking up a single complex template into smaller size templates.

That said, I think providing troubleshooting steps on any of these specific issues will help you help us to help you. =)


Hmm… I’ll keep my eyes out for that, I too use LastPass. I would imagine setting LP to not run on that page, maybe use wildcard * in the url to not run on any WP backend maybe?