Bricks and Site Editor together

I was wondering for a while if bricks and site editor can co-exist together.

Made some tests and YES. Yes, they can.
I will go in detail later on for now I just wanted to share the idea.

Great success very nice.

Getting ready for Gutenbricks :wink:

we probably won’t need this type of child theme setup or gutenbricks but still I am exploring the edges a bit.


The transition to FSE (Full Site Editing) will be very interesting to see how smooth it all goes… (for all page builders & classic themes relating to WordPress as a whole, not just Bricks Builder…)

not transition but using the blocks more for clients.

we are already using the block editor anyway for editing content or blog or post or post types

with gutenbricks we will be able to easily give them re-usable custom blocks/elements :slight_smile:

not gonna lie I would love to see gutenbricks as natively implemented in bricks in the future too

I’m confused sorry - are you using “Blocks” as another word for “Gutenberg Block Editor”, such as “paragraph block”… “heading block”… etc.

By site editor, what do you mean? - I see the Editor in your image there.

I thought you were getting at FSE (Full-Site Editing)… as it’s next on WordPress horizon from “classic themes”.

While the Gutenbricks and similar tools are very powerful, I got bit from vendor-lock-in too many times… gone for a more custom approach this time; breath of fresh air (and use Bricks Builder when I want)