Bricks and polylang search only apper for one language(the main language)

Hi ,
i have site with two language english as main and arabic as secondary ,and i am using polylange for it
the issue is when i search in the main language(english) every thing is prefect but! when i search in the secondary language(arabic) and the search button irs like redirect me to the english search page not the arabic search page and show no result,
PS: when i search in arabic and show no result i tried to change the language from the language switcher button and the arabic the results will apper!

any help will be appreciated

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Have a look at this. I reported the issues with Polylang and Bricks search elements a long time ago. Still issues. For the main language search you get all language results as a response. The secondary language is fine. I hope they fix it soon.

Edit: You also need to change the “action url” in the settings dialog of the search element to get your issue resolved. I guess your problem is already fixed.

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