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Can you guys please fix the search functionality in so the most relevant items are first? For example if I search Form Element which is the literal title of the post, I have to scroll to item #33 just to find what I’m looking for. I’m not sure what it’s currently being ordered by but the title should be first. Right now I’m getting irrelevant info like interaction animations and Google maps. Of course Bricks development has top priority but I think this might be a simple fix to help mitigate some of the “how to” questions if the search worked better.

Thanks for all your hard work and building such a great community!


I agree with this, searching the documentation is a very ineffective workflow and has been for a while now. I was hoping with the main Bricks website redesign (which looks awesome) the documentation would improve too, but seems that wasn’t done yet.

In the meantime though (I’m sure you already know this), you can always use the special term in search engines along with your search terms to narrow it down most effectively. I’ve needed to resort to that in the past.


Yeah I just think it was an oversight that they implemented quickly and didn’t consider the query order. It’s just set to the default order that puts the latest post at the top and would only take a few minutes to fix it to order by title. I just did a search again and the first post is about the new filtering that I can’t wait to dig into!


Here is an idea - add the new filters function to allow the user to filter/sort how they wish. Show the filters in action.

Then can keep the order as latest first so can see the latest ones easily and allow sort search/sort/filter also

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