Brick Builder Form - Select field Value

Hi there,
I would like to use the Bricks Builder form to be able to send email based on location selected on a “select field value”, but seem like I need some guide to make it work. Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you very much. I have looked for documentation but I coudn’t find it.

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3


I also find it strange that is is not possible to set options and values as you have don in Bricks form

The fix for my problem was to use WSForm PRO, works fine…

That’s not really a fix :wink:

As this is possible with any other form, we are using Bricksforge, so the pro form can also handle this, fluent forms, forminator, wp forms they can also handle it.

However this should be possible natively.

It can be considered that the inability to specify the value and the text separately is a big omission :frowning: . Especially when the solution is probably in one line like
$value = explode(" | ", $value);

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Just curious if there is any update on this?