Block / Column element

“I think as you can set which layout element is used to create columns in theme settings, this should hopefully satisfy everyone!”
Where did you find that option? I only found the “converter”.

“Not sure how to rename it now that you can set which element is used to create columns, it certainly can’t be renamed column now!”
Valid argument. Damn it was so sleek on first view. :smiley:

However, reading all this brings me back to my starting point. It really wasn’t communicated well. I would really like that to be better in the future. I just assume now that this should be out quickly before the vacation.

I think I know what you mean. But that creates a mess.
You mean the block / div settings in global styles correct?
There you can change the default attributs / Propertys of Block / Div and section but not what kind of element is used for structure (or I missed the configpart).

No imagine I change the div back to flex and 100% width. And try to export components to another installation that use the standard props for div and block. What will happen to this? Will the propertys be overwritten? Or the ones of the template?
Also that don’t get rid of elements I don’t want to use. I still have my didactic problem.
But maybe I am just overlooking something.

Ok got you now. It is not built in yet and the only part we can see this is in Thomas reworked article with features that are also not on any roadmap and with information that maybe would be very important before reconstructing the whole thing.

Thomas posted this in a discussion on ‘Some of the DIVS changed from display flex to block’:

Hey everyone :wave:
I can understand the confusion the new layout elements might have caused.
I could have done a better job announcing this change before dropping the RC. And provide better documentation/explanation. The latter I hope has improved with the follow information …
I’ve rewritten the “Understanding The Layout” article in the Academy to explain the layout elements in 1.5 in more detail: Understanding The Layout – Bricks Academy
Would love to get everyones feedback on the article. Is anything in this article unclear or missing?
The upcoming 1.5 stable release video should add some more clarity as well.
P.S.: The “Insert layout” Bricks setting mentioned at the end of the article & some of the theme style settings are not included in 1.5-rc, but will in 1.5-stable.

So the setting has yet to appear and he apologies for the lack of communication.
I don’t know what would happen if you copy and paste to another installation with different settings for the block and div, but i have to admit that wouldn’t be something I would need to do.

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@simon we overlapped. I also wrote something about it in the other thread. I’m slowly really annoyed that from left, right, top down constantly any information droplets come in. That makes so no fun.

In addition, the here now again features are under discussion, which are not even included in the RC.
Good that he has solutions, but here I see really as the main problem of communication and also the versioning and compliance with the roadmap.


I agree that there is confusion, especially for anyone that has worked with websites and HTML semantics. “Block” in my opinion is now reserved for Gutenberg. If a term within Bricks was needed to give special emphasis to a different/enhanced DIV… why not use the obvious and call them a “brick”. Considering they are only used by this name within this builder. Imagining trying to explain this to clients if they are editing Gutenberg blocks, and blocks in Bricks.
Just my 2 cents.