BG imge not visible in a Section Template [shortcode]

I have made a Hero Section Template

This Template´s shortcode is pasted in the WP editor for NON members.

I have set a Background Image in the backend. But I cannot see it in the frontend.

And it has a Container Element with CTA which I can see in the frontend.

Hi Johnny,
looks good to me (as a non member):

But on mobile

I have to fiddle with positioning…
Normally not needed.
Normally I just set % and the image covers.
And the header is disturbing the hero


well yeah, that is another problem :smiley: You’re using a lot of fixed heights on almost every container on almost every breakpoint, which is probably causing the issues.

Please take a look at this screen recording:

I would suggest you remove every height setting on every breakpoint and start from scratch using min-height where necessary (the image container and the content container).

Best regards,

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I have have removed the fixed heights now.
And it really looks weird with the left padding and the filling in the header.
In Bricks it looks right.
But live - terrible.

Almost :wink:

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OK. Now I have (tried to :slight_smile: removed all the fixed heights
Only thing missing is the weird left padding on mobiles.

What is best practice when I the image har to be pixel perfect as background?
Is it positioning or is it silly?
As I see it, it´s the Bricks Container with BG -image that doesent fit to the page Hero.
(Its pulling in some Membership content)