Basic text > post content > nested paragraph tag

Bricks Version: 1.6.2

When using the post content module or the {post_content} dynamic data (or any dynamic text data) with the basic text module, Bricks wraps the content in a nested paragraph.

The basic text module and post content module should be paragraphs by default (and not divs). The nested p tag complexifies the styling, the design and more importantly, it is not semantically accurate.

As it is hard coded, there is no temporary fix to this. Is there a chance to see an improvement in a next version ?


Edit : It is actually even worse if I turn the basic text module into a paragraph itself. It adds the content outside of the module and adds an orphan paragraph at the end.
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Edit 2 : Most elegant solution, but not ideal as it could be considered a bug as well, is to use a data filter for {post_content}. When using for example {post_content:10}, it removes the nested p tag entirely, being able to wrap the content into a basic text module with the p tag.

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