Automatic.css responsive width class overwritten by the section stretched

Hi! I’m posting here as I don’t think it’s a bug, more of a misunderstanding for me.

I’m having a problem with automatic.css width classes. They make my sections non-responsive.
Someone in the automatic.css group pointed out that .brx-container.root.stretch > .brx-container is overwriting my class due to specificity.

Is it normal?

My problem (wanting to apply a width class to box the content while keeping everything responsive) is solved with the width variable being applied in “width” (and not in max-width) (but weirdly this solution works only on the ID level and doesn’t work when it’s in a custom class…)

So I would like to either be able to apply a width class to an inner container or create a custom class with the variable, but none of that is working.

I’m not sure this is understandable! Here is the page where I tested this: Test Automatic.css | Women Studio

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Hi Jo,
At the moment, I would say: yes, this is normal because the container contains many default styles that clash here and there with certain settings. For this reason, in Bricks 1.4.1, we introduce two more elements: a section element (known by other page builders) and a simple div without any styles. I’m sure automatic.css will work much better then. I don’t know the current state of automatic, but as far as I know, it’s not 100% compatible with Bricks yet.

Best regards,

Side question: Will the “section” element effectively replace the current “container” element then? You say they’re new, so I’m just curious though how the “section” element will differ from the “container” element if they both have styles applied to them by default.

Section + Div will be an alternative to the container, which has to cover everything at the moment (which leads to problems). How this will look exactly, you will see in 1.4.1 :wink:

Cross-referencing… it seems I ran into something similar here, unfortunately adding to the frustration of designing in v1.4: