Attempts linking to an 'all posts' Archive page unsuccessful

Background: I have created an Archive template for which the Conditions have been set to ‘Archive’ / "Archive type’ = ‘Post type’ and ‘Archive post types’ to ‘Posts’. The archive page is set to show all posts (not focussing on my CPT’s at this point - I’ve only created templates to work with the standard WordPress setup). The Archive template is done / works great in the Bricks simulation.
Problem: I now would like to add a link to the website navigation to call/show this template in action - and I just can’t get it to work.
In the Header template I made, I used a ‘Nav’ element to then manually set the individual links I need. One such menu option is ‘Post Archives’. In the Content settings for this menu option, I’ve exhausted my ideas in combo-settings (whilst searching via the Bricks forum, Youtube and Google for hours). Bottom line, disappointed in myself and can’t get the Archive template to show in the browser.
I’d really appreciate some help.

I would like all visitors of the website to be able to access the Archive view, logged in or not.
I don’t use custom code, just the Bricks menu options available when configuring the elements.
*I’ve read about using Dynamic Data {terms_url}, {echo:get_post_type_archive_link()}, External linking to the archive, etc - but I don’t understand the details of implementing this. *
There’re a few promising titles in this forum and the Facebook group, but I’m missing exactly how to implement the above.

I still haven’t found a way - From the Nav Element: is it possible to display/link to the archive of the default WordPress post type ‘posts’ (all categories)? I made a template to customise the view of this archive, and it works fine via the Bricks views - but I can’t find a way to link to that view on the front end?

Hello - I hope I understand your problem properly, and if I haven’t then just ignore this :joy:
From what I can tell you could do either of the following:

  1. I always create my menus using the built-in wordpress menu creator (Appearance > Customise > Menu > Create new menu) . From here you can add archive pages, categories, posts, pages and more. Then I use the default Bricks “Nav Menu” widget in my header template and select the menu I just created from the dropdown. This works great for simpler navigations that are just one level or only need a basic dropdown (you add the dropdown elements when you set up the menu as well). If the menu is more complex and you want to use the nestable menu widget, I don’t know if you can still pull in the Wordpress menu there, but if you can’t -
  2. You could just open your archive page in the browser, copy the URL, and then paste that link onto the nav button link as an “External URL” from the link options.

Hope that helps. There’s probably a cleverer, more solid way to this, but in the meantime at least this will get you up and running.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!

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