Aria label missing for product price & add-to-cart element

I don’t know if this is a bug or just missing. In regards that I’m seeing Aria fields in the settings everywhere where I do not see them needed, they are missing for such important elements. For the price, there is no Aria label at all and no input field in the settings to add one.

For the button. The a.button tag does have the correct aria-label assigned automatically, which is great. The span element for the text of the button does not. I’m not sure if this would be a requirement for accessibility.

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I just noticed this as well. In doing a Page Speed analysis on my site, the items with an “Add to cart” button from the Products element show a mismatching “Add to Cart” text from the Aria label. Went to fix it only to discover the aria labels are missing from the fields in the Products element. The Add to Cart button seems to say this as the aria-label: aria-label="Add “{product_name}” to your cart".

This design choice for this element apparently goes against recommended best practices per Google’s PageSpeed tool. Please consider fixing this ASAP. Thank you.

From PageSpeed:

Elements with visible text labels do not have matching accessible names.
Visible text labels that do not match the accessible name can result in a confusing experience for screen reader users. Learn more about accessible names.

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After being around with Bricks for a bit now, my impression is the WooCommerce users are not getting a lot love from Bricks. For instance most important element like side / popup cart is as basic as a regular Woo cart. Not even having a heading. Had to add it in the php template to get a heading… Hope this changes as I started to regret the swap from Elementor Pro