Are custom breakpoints still experimental?

About to start work on a site built with Bricks. Custom breakpoints have been experimental for some time now so are they safe to use on a live site? ACSS is about to release 2.4 which includes 2 custom breakpoints. I don’t want to activate either if there are still some concerns regarding Bricks custom breakpoints.
Bricks shouldn’t end up like Elementor with rafts of experimental features.


I would also like to know this. recently went mobile-first and while I’m not sure if I’ll follow suit, I’m hesitant to approach it for now simply because it’s marked as experimental still in Bricks Builder and am not certain if I want to go into production based on an experimental feature like that. I’m surprised it’s still marked experimental to be honest after this much time has passed.

We’ll remove the “experimental” flag from the custom breakpoints in 1.8 (stable) :boom:


I have a production site using a 1140px custom breakpoint with 1.7.3 and I have imported the templates into test sites and set the new break point on them after the import and had no trouble.

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Great, thanks both of you.