Architecture Design Firm

Still work in progress my 3rd site using bricks

please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions

Link doesn’t work for me. Can you check it?

apologies, wrong link please see correct one below

Design looks great, but you should try and compress some of those images. I ran your site on a number of the speed test ones, and it does not score as well as expected. Here is the one site that suggest which images can be reduced

I wanted to suggest the same. Image optimization is a must. Just noticed how slow the images load. I’m on mobile right now on a slow connection.

Change the popup settings. It appears immediately on every click of every page. The page loading speed is phenomenal. Super fast.

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I would put some background behind the heasder, otherwise your menu can be missed…

Something like the following wouldn’t detract from the image too much…

#bricks-header {
  background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.4);