Animation Easing

Hi Thomas & Luis,

I suggest Bricks should have Animate Easing added to the Animate tab.

Here I simply explain what is this actually.

When we have enabled the animate effect to some items on the page, then the items will show up as we scroll down the page. But, these items will just stay after they show up.

The Animate Easing is to make the animate effect more fun. This allows us to have the items show up when scrolling the page down, then the item will disappear when we scroll up back.

Here is the screencast I’ve just made.

*This feature is available in Oxygen Builder, so I made this screencast there.

I like this effect very much.

Thank you!


is that same as Elementor’s on scroll animation?
i was wondering if we could create that type of animation Bricks!

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Hi! Sorry!
I forgot to reply to your comment.

Nope. The animate effect I meant was something like this website.

You will see the animate item will show as you scroll down, then it will hide when we scroll up the page.

Hi, this is implemented using this JS library → AOS JS