Ajax Search: Remove search results / no results instantly after resetting the search field

Browser: Chrome 122
OS: Windows
URL: fvvv – Try Bricks – t7b3ff1b

Hi bricks team,

If we search for a phrase for the first time after loading the page, the search results will be displayed well. But if we search for a term for the second time, during the Ajax process and displaying the Ajax loader, the previous search results will be displayed. This will continue every time we search for a new term.
Please watch the video below. When I first search for an expression, only the ajax loader is displayed. Then, because of the inappropriate phrase, the no result template is displayed.
But when I search for a term for the second time, the no result template is displayed before the new results are displayed.

I hope I was successful in explaining the problem.

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Hi Hosein,
Thanks for the tip!

I have also added it to the filter/search “improvement list”. As soon as we have collected more feedback, we will take a closer look at it.