Ajax Search: Conditions not working (query_results_count_filter)

Browser: Chrome 122
OS: Windows
URL: fvvv – Try Bricks – t7b3ff1b

Hi bricks team,

Not sure if this is a bug, or should actually be a feature request. But the problem is that we cannot condition the elements according to {query_results_count_filter:lmjnxc} in ajax search. For example, according to the screenshot below, we want to hide the indicated sections if {query_results_count_filter:lmjnxc} is equal to zero.

Or, for example, if the number of results is less than 5, the view all button will not be displayed.

But unfortunately, currently, the display condition does not work well in this situation and only considers the initial value of the search results.

Hi Hosein,

Since this is a new feature, I would call it a feature request. I’ll move the thread and add it to our internal “improvements” task regarding search & filter.

Best regards,