[ADDED] Structure Panel in 1.5 beta: Feedback & recommendation to save clicks

Wow, this thread has some really good momentum & suggestion. Love it :slight_smile:

I agree that having a one-click element clone/delete in the structure panel would speed things up.

The three-dot hover workflow was somewhat cumbersome, as you had to first move to the very right (LTR languages) with your mouse, and then back a little bit to the left to target the clone/delete actions.

Here what I propose for 1.5 stable:

  • “Clone” & “Delete” icons visible on the very right-hand side when hovering over an element in the structure panel.
  • New Bricks setting to remove those two icons (for those who prefer using the right-click menu only)
  • “Confirm Delete” Bricks setting can be set to ensure no deletes happen by accident (same behaviour as the “Delete” icon at the top of the structure panel)
  • New keyboard shortcut “DEL” to delete an element. That way you can quickly remove an element from the canvas too if you working in the control panel on the left.



This already on Settings, right? Personally I disable it because I can press CTRL + Z if accidently wrong delete elements.

Confirm delete really useful at the top structure panel. Because that mean we want to delete whole canvas.

I agree with your proposal. @thomas :+1: :+1: :+1:

Especially, * “Clone” & “Delete” icons visible on the very right-hand side when hovering over an element in the structure panel.

Yes CTRL + Z will be better.

If multiple elements selection by holding CTRL + left mouse button will be added in upcoming updates it will speed up the process.
Select multiple elements then

  1. Delete all at once.
  2. Adding same class to all.
  3. Paste copied styles. etc.

Aha, I just realize we cant select multiple elements from Structure panel. That really helpful if we can select it, because sometime we want to copy some section/elements to another pages or insert to other section as well.

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Thomas, I hope you now learn that maaaaaannnnnnnyyyyyyy people would love Bricks to have a more efficient user interface. Bricks is extremely time consuming to use and needs so many unnecessary clicks in most areas.

Could you please also check my quite long whimsical-list which I have sent per mail a few days ago. There are so many areas where Bricks urgently needs to improve usability-wise (besides new features).


yes … this would make perfectly sense

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Yes. We all need efficient user Interface, not for nice and clean look only.

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Is there a guide on how to modify the Bricks UX?

I know from experience that UX problems can get bigger and bigger with every new release. So I just think it’s very important to always focus on UX first before adding new functionality.

Check this: Builder Mode (Custom) – Bricks Academy
and this: Bricks Builder Editor Tweaks – BricksLabs


It’s true when I rethink bout’ it. :smiley:


Thank you @thomas for a proposal which looks to address differing wishes and perspectives. Your proposal works for my concerns.

That sounds excellent - great balance of speed and safety :slight_smile:

I think this looks great.

As long as “Confirm Delete” is optional as others have mentioned. With Undo, it’s actually a fairly redundant setting in general.


Sounds great, thanks, can’t wait!!!

I’ve posted this to the idea board, but it would be nice to have a way to skip the confirm delete options that are in various places. Perhaps if the shift key is held down when the delete icon is clicked.


yeah nothing more annoying than confirming every single deletion. especially when undo exists. waste of time.


I just want to say that no matter what the final solution will be, please remember to add shortcuts, if they exist, to the right-click menu (for consistency). Right now, we have:

  1. Copy (with shortcut “CTRL + C” mentioned)
  2. Duplicate (with shortcut “CTRL + SHIFT + D” mentioned)
  3. Delete (no shortcut mentioned, which right now is “CTRL + DEL”)
  4. Copy styles and the rest of them (no shortcut mentioned, as far as I know they don’t exist)
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When I click an element on the visual editor, the element will highlight in the Structure Panel, but if it is offscreen, the structure panel won’t auto scroll to it. That would be nice.

I just want to mention that my last comment still holds in 1.5 RC.