[ADDED] Keep position in structure panel when deleting element with keyboard shortcut

Bricks Version:

When using the keyboard shortcuts to navigate and then delete an item in the structure panel, you lose focus completely and have to start navigating from the root of the structure again. gif below:


It would be nice if when you deleted an item, that it would move focus to the previous item in the structure.

Hey Curtis,
Thanks so much for this suggestion, we’ll consider this improvement for a future update.

I’ll move this over to the improvements category, as it is more an improvement rather than a bug :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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@cmstew Great little improvement, which should we working now in the latest 1.5 RC :sunglasses:

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@thomas 1.5 RC2 is an amazing release. I feel this is the most stable Bricks release ever. I feel with the container related logic sorted out once and for all - Bricks might be more stable with future beta releases.

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