Add manual order of queried taxonomy terms with custom field (e.g. term_order) for query loop

I need to be able to manually sort the order of terms in a custom taxonomy. I even bought Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order hoping that it would provide functionality within Bricks’s query loop to make this possible. But it’s not.

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It appears terms are currently spit out in alphabetical order, irrespective of parent/child relationship, and separated by… commas only (:relieved:).

My need is basically the same as OP’s:

Need to show either parent OR child (separately), or else specify the order, i.e., as parent > child.

Adding a new dynamic data filter for term hierarchy (parent/child) would probably do the trick!

(Also, to be able to specify the separator character between the terms would be nice, and giving it it’s own HTML tag would be nice too! As well as an option to use no separator so we can add our own symbol with CSS.)

The only solution I’ve found is to use the Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order plugin. There is a free version but I used the paid one.

If you can’t get it to work, let me know.