Add “Advanced” as a element control tab next to “Content” and “Style”

The element control list for each of the 2 tabs (“Content” and “Style”) is getting long. CSS is at the bottom of the Style tab. Consider adding an Advanced tab with CSS and other advanced controls targeted towards advanced users,

CSS isn’t just for “advanced” users though. I’m not sure I agree with that suggested direction in all honesty. In fact I think it makes it more direct too when the ability to “copy styles” exists which should include CSS too but some may think that means it wouldn’t include “advanced” content when copying styles between elements. Maybe just me being pedantic but I appreciate the current workflow of just content and style tabs. Keeps things simple and easy.

I am also looking for simple and easy. Scrolling to the bottom of a list is not simple and easy for those of us who work on small screens. Adding a third tab to help manage a growing list is used by other builders. A single click is easier than scroll, scroll.