Add a Transition Tab to the STYLE panel


Currently, we have to type for transition duration and delay.

What do you think if Bricks make it this way? Add a new tab for the Transition.

I took the screenshot from Zion Builder. If I remember correctly, Oxygen Builder also provides a similar panel, in which we just need to drag for the duration timing and choose ease-in, ease-out, ease, etc., from the dropdown option.

I believe this will be easier and benefit most users in Bricks(regular users, designers & developers).

Let’s discuss. Cheers!


Yes and being able to stack them like webflow would be great too


I don’t have webflow. So I’ve no idea about that. Would you mind providing a sample?

This would be a great and simple addition. +1


+1, @digitalgravy just ran into this issue here: How to Properly Add & Query Service Pages With Bricks (CPT + Query Loop) - YouTube

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that will be fantastic

Why not? Makes live a little bit easier.

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