ACF in Template condition

Hi, I had already mentioned this problem in another post and personally I think it is a lack that can easily be solved and that at the same time it would make our work much faster.
As I understand it currently Bricks does not have the possibility to assign a template to an article with a format other than the basic one (it is not possible to assign a template to an article with video or gallery format, etc. etc.).
I thought that you could work around by assigning a custom field with ACF for example and being able to recall the value of that field in the template condition… but this is not possible either.

The problem is this: let’s take the example that I have 100 pages and 100 articles and I need to set up a basic template for the client, at this point I tell bricks to create a Single template and assign it to all pages and articles, ok so far so good, then the client asks me to make changes on 50 articles and pages for which I serve the visual editor of bricks, at that point I modify the pages and articles with briks and I have to go in the template condition set as Single to list all the pages for which that template should not be applied (if I have not misunderstood otherwise the template loads me only the gutenberg data that I told to recall with the Post Content component of bricks)…

As you can imagine it’s a long job …

It would be much more convenient for example to create a yes / no ACF field indicating that whether to apply the Single template by bricks to that page/article or not.

If I have installed the plugin that shows me the custom fields in the list of articles or pages I can do it with just one click from the list of articles or pages … saving hours of work …

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Nobody answered me but I would like to point out that the new Breakdance editor already has this option from the alpha version. Please enter it too!

@ninmorfeo Is this Breakdance editor related to Oxygen? Is it a replacement for it?

It’s the same developer. Intentions are uncertain at the moment but it would seem like he’s trying to double dip on profits.

It seems Bricks is driving their decision for a newer builder with zero technical debt from Oxygen & Angular. They mention about Bricks in the FAQ. @thomas @luistinygod @timmse

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I did test it out. It seems to be heavily inspired from Bricks. It’s also using Vue.js. It also have a history panel like Bricks. Even the edit with bricks button on the page is copied as it is. It’s not robust and fast like Bricks but then this is an alpha product. Breakdance lacks repeater and css grid support. Now coming to some interesting things which we can adapt from there.

1) More template conditions. I feel Bricks will get it with custom conditions feature. This is already highlighted by OP.


2) A button to filter all modified things in the panel for the selected element. It’s a small thing and can be targetted after major features in the roadmap are done.

I didn’t pointed out few more things as it’s already on Bricks roadmap and they all will be here in a few months.

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