ACF Gallery + Carousel + Lightbox not working


I’m having an issue getting the lightbox to work properly. I have an ACF gallery that is called by the carousel object. I then added a lightbox for the images in the carousel. What the results are when I click the image it pops the gray background, the nav and the close button, but no image. If I comment out one line in the dev tools I see the image, but it distorts when you click the image again to zoom in.

Sample URL [all the sketchbook CPT]: Tokyo Alley as Envisioned by Some ai, with SM - Bryan Thatcher

CSS that I had to comment out just to see the image:
.pswp.brx .pswp__img, .pswp.brx .pswp__zoom-wrap {
/* height: auto; */
width: auto;

Any ideas?

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I’m having almost the same issue with a MetaBox gallery custom field pulling into a native Bricks gallery element not displaying lightbox images.

Just adding my info in case someone has a good solution.

Checkout this viedo