Acf front end forms

Is Acf front end forms integrated with bricks?

Acf frontend forms needs acf plugin to be installed! So if we want to just use frontend forms plugin without installing acf… We are not able to do that

Assume that we want to create cpt or cct with JetEngine and use acf frontend forms to update or insert posts…
In this case we don’t need acf plugin but we have to install it

The solution is that acf front-end forms has another plugin this plugin named “frontend admin” which is free if we buy acf frontend plugin
Frontend admin is standalone plugin with all acf front-end features


I wish Metabox front end form should be added too.

Frontend form playing good role for clients. Most clients scared when the see WP dashboard,
With frontend form they can easily post on their site.

It is also good to access other people to post on your website without allowing them full control.


Yes i wish bricks (@thomas) take care of these important issue😍