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ACF bi-directional relationship?

Hi all,

Does Bricks support ACF bi-directional relationship between several CPT?

i have three CPT with bi-directional relationship CPT-1 <> CPT-2 <> CPT-3
is it possible get dynamic data from CPT-3 on CPT-1 page and vice versa even if CPT-3 and CPT-1 do not have a direct relationship Field?

Many Thanks for your help.

If the fields do not have a bi-directional relationship you will likely need to create your own custom shortcode or dynamic data provider (using the ‘bricks/dynamic_tags_list’ filter) to achieve this.

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Thanks for your help man.

Do you know where i can find the documentation?

Unfortunately, the filter ‘bricks/dynamic_tags_list’ is not documented yet, but you can look through the files in bricks/includes/integrations/dynamic-data to see how the filter works.

If not, it might be easier to create a shortcode.