A/B Testing 2 versions of a landing page. Your Input will help!

Hey guys.

My first post here was received really well and I really appreciate all the input from the community. This made us rethink some of our design ideas and user experience.

So currently we are looking at running google ads on 2 variations of landing pages built with BRICKS, ofcourse…

Version 1 : OrbiDigital | Digital Agency in Dubai
Version 2 : OrbiDigital | Digital Agency in Dubai - OrbiDigital

The content remains the same but the design changed as We feel that version 1 might be to playful for some users to actually take us seriously.

What I’m actually asking is, do you find it to be the same?

Any input here would be greatly appreciated.



Personally, I prefer the first one. I just connect more with it.

But my personal opinion isn’t important.

You need to know which one your audience will prefer.

And if you’re going to do a Google Ads campaign, just conduct an A/B test and let the numbers give you the answers.

It’s also important to consider that conversions aren’t the absolute truth. You also need to see what kind of clients you end up attracting.

Voilà my 2 cents :blush:

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Amazing input and thanks so much!!

for sliders

%root% *{
  transition-timing-function: linear !important; 

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Uuuhhh… What are you actually saying?

slides are moving in ease curve now


this code makes the movement smooth removes that stoping :slight_smile:

%root% *{
  transition-timing-function: linear !important; 
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Ow you rock my world brother!!! Thank you!!

Both of them are nice design wise. I would suggest more subtle animations. I think now it is flying too much from everywhere…

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