2nd Bricks Site

Taking feedback :slight_smile:

2nd Bricks Site. I had to development this site really quickly. Loving how rapidly I can develop with Bricks over other builders.

Great Core Web Vital score too.


Good job! Site looks very clean.

Only remark I can make is that the google map covers the form in dekstop view. Not sure if it’s only for me. I attached a screenshot of the issue. Viewed on: Safari 16.1 - Ventura 13.0.1

Edit: only appears to be a safari issue, looks good on brave and firefox


Good pickup! I fixed that, just needed to wrap the Map in a Div.


This is a usability suggestion, but I absolutely expect a link at a section such as this. It’s a missed opportunity to basically list a CTA without enabling it. Both “book online” and “send us a question” should be links.


That’s great feedback. Thank you.

I have made that change.

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Me again. Additional suggestion for the same issue: instead of a single link, I would make each of them separate links to separate anchors on this page.

So a link to “book online”, and a separate link to “send us a message”, and then on the target page add an anchor to each heading. This way if a visitor wants to do either of those actions they’re taken directly to that section without any flow resistance.

Got it. Thank you mate.

Nice work! Looks great!

Hey the site looks great. Nothing too fancy and it still looks amazing.



Love it Pixite! And a fellow Aussie as well :slight_smile: Looking forward to building some Elementor sites soon in Bricks!