1.8 menu builder feedback

I had my own selfmade and much simpler ‘menu builder’ for a while and probably won’t switch right away to the new one but few things I would like to see implemented:

  1. nav items element being

      and maybe a separate element for
    • list item instead of generic text link. It just feel weird for menu to not be a list, not sure about W3C standards.

    • default wordpress classes for nav links like ‘current-menu-item’, ‘menu-item-has-children’ or at least class indicator for currently visited page.

    • name for nav links linked to internal post/page being optional and blank by default. It should first take post/page name automatically. Having to manually type it while in most cases it’s the same as post/page name is just adding extra steps.

    • name of nav links as suffix on structure tree element

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