1.8 Menu Builder - Dropdowns Requests

Have a couple of questions for the dropdown links,

  • There are 2 use cases for top-level dropdown links:
  1. As it currently is with the button used as a toggle - this is useful where the dropdown text can be a link on its linking to a page and the button opening the dropdown - see Toms comment here

  2. Second use case is where the whole dropdown link & button should be 1 link that only controls the dropdown. In this case the text we enter in the builder needs to be added to the button rather than the div, this then allows the text to be read out with screen readers whilst also allowing the whole link to be focussed rather than just the icon.

Both of the above use cases documentation and guidance can be found under the keyboard users section on this page

  • Could we have it where the aria-label defaults to “Toggle” and then whatever we put into the text field? Saves having to type out the aria label if its the same.

  • 1/2 Reported as a bug in another thread - all dropdown links should be a list, any possibility of having the dropdown pre-configured as a UL with LI’s? This would also need the list styling to be removed as you would not want the markers showing.


I haven’t had time to try out the new menu builder but I was wondering can a drop down also be a link (the text would link to a page) with the button actually opening the dropdown?

Is this scenario considered okay when it comes to accessibility?

For example a dropdown menu like this

  • About Us → goes to the business general about us page
    • Team → goes to the team page
    • Mission → Goes to the our mission page
    • … etc…

Yes Tom, this is a use case also.

I kinda forgot about that one as it is “technically” already there so ideally we need the 2 use cases fulfilled.

I have amended my post to include and describe out each use case more

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I would like the drop-down menu area to be one that fills the entire width of the content container, rather than the current overly simple one.


Im unable to style the dropdown menu text in the builder, am I missing something?

I just want something simple like font-weight: 500.

Did anyone manage to do this in the builder? IF so, can you point me in the right direction?

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You will select the Nav Link element → Style → Typography. Is it not working?

This is the Dropdown element.


Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 4.16.38 PM

This one?

Yes, which options did you follow to style it?

Dropdown → Style → Typography (top level)

Dropdown → Content: Background and Typography for sub menu links

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This is a bug for mobile-first then. Thanks for confirming!

Did you have any luck with this? I’m having the same issue and it is driving me up the wall…