1.8.4 mega menu vs mobile menu

Dear Community,

I can’t manage the styling of the Mega Menu to the Mobile Menu. In other words, I can’t get the columns of the Mega Menu to display correctly in the Mobile Menu.
Once filled with actual content, the columns will exceed the available viewport. How do I now get the correct display to adjust the height according to the actual content?
If the approach is fundamentally wrong, please let me know.
I have included a flow below that I hope clarifies my dilemma.
If this has already been answered, I apologise. Unfortunately, I did not discover a suitable thread, and I would also ask you to refer to an existing or potential thread.


1.8.4 mega menu vs mobile menu

Creation Date: August 6, 2023
Created By: Sebastian
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# mega menu (Template)

1. Desktop View

2. Click on toggle (Schule)

3. Click on Nav (Nestable)

4. Click on MOBILE MENU

5. Click on Height

6. Check Keep open while styling

7. Click on Toggle dropdown

8. Click on Menu

9. Local webpage in browser (Edge)

10. Click on Toggle dropdown

11. click on dropdown "Schule"

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I give up for now on this one.
I will try to solve this by adding an off-canvas menu, despite the idea of saving time instead of adding even more.
The mega menu / mobile menu -situation is too time-consuming right now - for my specific use case.

did anyone ever figure this out?im always wanting the dropdown to open fully